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Electric Garage Door Repair

Electric Garage Door Tomball

When the electric garage door in Tomball breaks down, what you need is experts in opener troubleshooting and repairs. The main component of such electric systems is the opener. Should it stops operating right, problems begin.

  • Is the door not closing all the way down?
  • Is the door reversing and the opener lights are flashing?
  • Is the door only opening via the clicker but not the wall panel?
  • Is the door not reversing when there is an object in its way?

Call Garage Door Repair Tomball to sort out any problem. Openers help you use the door with safety. Some of the most modern models also integrate some very useful features, which increase the security of the property. When any opener part is damaged or even is not installed correctly, there is a lot at stake. Don’t let it come to that. Call us now for electric garage door repair in Tomball, Texas.

Depend on our electric garage door repair techs to fix problems

Openers might fail to work right when they are damaged, the gears are broken, the carriage is worn, and for any other reason. In any case, we provide troubleshooting to detect the worn parts and then proceed with the required garage door opener repair.

Our opener services might include:

  • Sensors repair
  • Safety inspection
  • Chain adjustment
  • Trolley opener repair
  • Remote reprogramming
  • Opener replacement
  • Electric door opener service

We are experts in the installation of electric garage doors

Improper electric garage door installation might cause serious problems. So whenever you decide to install a new door and along an opener, let us help. Our techs are masters in the installation of all branded doors and openers. You will also have our support when choosing new ones. That’s vital too. Selecting the right motor and thus opener model for the new door is essential for the good operation of the door. No matter how advanced the opener is, our installers will fit all its parts correctly, double check the reverse mechanism, and make the adjustments to ensure the door goes all the way up and down.

With the assistance of our repair techs, any electric garage door Tomball service is done correctly the first time. Call us now for any service you want.

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