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Garage Door Springs Repair Tomball

Need emergency torsion spring repair in the Tomball area in Texas? Want to figure out why the overhead door is so heavy to lift? Let our technicians check the condition of the springs and offer solutions. When it comes to these parts of the system, Garage Door Repair Tomball TX offers quick service. All experts at our company are qualified, well-equipped and properly trained. Our team takes care of any spring trouble whether our technicians have to make spring adjustments, replacements or repair work. Count on our local experts for your Tomball garage door springs repair demands.

We can fix all garage door springs

From extension springs to oil-tempered standard residential torsion springs, Clopay and galvanized springs, we can service them all. There are several differences among spring types and brands, but the job of any spring is the same. Thanks to their power, the door remains open, goes up and closes down. With our garage door spring repair and installation services, we make sure they do.

Springs need adjustment from time to time in order to keep their tension. In a different case, they will be weak to lift the door. If they are not sufficiently tensed, the door would slide down when you want it open. Although our company offers broken spring repair, don’t let it come to that. With the door open, the sudden breakage of the spring will cause it to come down with force.

Replace your torsion and extension springs before they break

Our Tomball company recommends premature garage door spring replacement. All springs are made to last for a certain number of cycles. So let us check the spring condition and let you know if it’s time for their replacement. In the meantime, our team can take care of the spring system with lubrication and adjustments. Spring parts, like brackets, pulleys and bearings, can also be replaced. For further protection from your extension spring system, allow us to install safety cables.

We can provide you with the right new spring for your door, support you with emergency service, and be there every time you urgently need garage door springs repair in Tomball, TX. Give us a call today!

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