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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Garage door torsion spring repair Tomball TX services are performed safely and properly when they are trusted to professionals. The tension springs store can create accidents or cause property damage. There is no reason for taking such risks when our company can help with any spring repair need in an affordable and proper way. A tech comes out to either replace or fix springs promptly. Aware of the great significance of these parts but also their dangers, Garage Door Repair Tomball goes the extra mile to help as fast as possible.

We can help with any torsion spring repair

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Tomball

With proper torsion spring repair and maintenance services in Tomball, Texas, our company can fix but also prevent problems. A pro will be there to fix torsion spring issues but can also take care of these parts to keep them working at their best. After years and years of winding, unwinding, and handling the movement of the door, springs do wear. Wear and tear is normal for extension springs too.

Call to replace the garage door torsion spring before it snaps

Do springs break due to wear and tear? Yes, they might snap when their lifecycle is completed and that is why it is often preferable to call us for garage door torsion spring replacement before it comes to that. Should springs snap all of a sudden, the door won’t open! Should they break when the door is open, no other part will be able to keep the door from smashing down. In this case, someone might get seriously injured and the door will get damaged.

All torsion spring services are important

Since our intention is to save you from such hassle, we can’t only arrange the replacement of springs before they snap but also all sorts of repairs.

  • Torsion spring adjustment
  • Spring parts replacement
  • Lubrication
  • Door balance testing

When springs are lubed occasionally, they remain rust free and more resistant against breakage. Their noise is eliminated too. If you own galvanized torsion springs, they might need adjustments more frequently. In any case, you will have our support and the help of a specialized tech.

Contact us now for broken torsion spring replacement

Call us now for broken torsion spring replacement. By all means, when springs snap and for any reason, we send out a qualified pro to replace them. Rest assured that all pros are certified, insured, and highly experienced. Contact us. It will be our pleasure to help with any garage door torsion spring repair in Tomball.

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